I run a photo website that has a fairly active community.

For the last few years, we’ve had a pseudo blog/ article area of the site with a unique brand name( Threads) — but doesn’t get much traffic as is and we have not been so diligent updating it.

We are looking at making a more formal “blog” area of the site with some new types of articles and more frequent updates.

I was curious to hear some sentiments on the URL and site area in terms of using the word “Blog” vs. “Threads”.

aka / threads/ seo-friendly-url vs. / blog/ seo-friendly-url

Is there an advantage to using “Blog” for discoverability or SEO intents?

Also, is there any drawback if we do rebrand to “blog” to port over the old “threads” into the blog URL structure and new page layout( like some duplicate content issues )?

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