Hey everyone,

I recently signed up for the AliExpress affiliate program. The application was approved immediately. I then applied for the API and they rejected it. I reached out to their support team and have been e-mailed back and forth for a week and they’re not helpful one bit and find new excuses and reasons to reject the application over and over again. For eg, they’ll mention they don’t support dropshipping( which is not what I do ), they then mention the traffic is not enough, and the website doesn’t qualify, etc. I mentioned several period that “were not” a dropshipping store and that what we need is the API to driving affiliate marketings, we also need API to quickly obtain, filter, and showing product information. Our developers also require this access to immediately access portal affiliate data and better manage the publishing account.

Nothing seems to go through to them. I find it rather odd, any other affiliate network allows instant API access to publisher feeds and data.

I might apply with a different e-mail and was wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to approach it in order to get approved for the API.

Thanks all

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