The owner of our business is really into blogging to improve our search engine ranking.

There are a few problems with this however – we’re putting a lot of crap content out there…but he’s under the impression that any content is good content and the more we can put out there the better. I disagree, and think we should focus our efforts in writing several high quality pieces per month. So let’s pretend we sell shovels so I can give you an example of the content…he will write a blog titled “1 0 cool ways to use your shovel” and then make a list of totally obvious ways that people already know how to use shovels, which isn’t useful& no one is going to read. I try to take my hour and do lots of research so that I can write pieces that are truly informative.

Another thing I am questioning is using external links in our blogs. He believes that including external links to related articles will also help improve our ranking. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see how this is helpful to us. We’re merely connection juice to the pages we link to. If the pages connect back to us, that helps. But they aren’t.

I’m still pretty new to the SEO world, so any advice you can offer would be much appreciated!

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