I know this isn’t an SEO issue, if there is a better sub to post this on, please let me know.

My business is mostly driven by listing I attain on Facebook Marketplace. Yesterday, I posted an item that they said is a violation of their terms, but I have no notion why. It was a kids toy( there was definitely no recall or anything like that ).

They sent me an email threatening to ban me. If I lose access to Facebook Marketplace, my business is dead.

Rather than cross my fingers, I’m hoping someone with some tech knowledge can explain how, if my account were to get banned, do I set up a “plan b” to get back on? Can I use an VPN with a different account? Can I simply use a different account, in a different physical place( other than my home ), on a different device.

I’m NOT trying to be shady, but I’m reading all sorts of accounts of people being banned for things they didn’t think were a violation, and it’s got me scared for my livelihood.

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