So I set up a local news site/ business directory about a year ago. It’s not a directory where people can just post free listings willy nilly. Each category or niche can only have 3 businesses.

At the top of each category page I’ve set a contact form. And under the form the businesses who are members are listed

I haven’t done any connection building , not even citation for the most of it.

Until around Jan this year( directory ran live in June ), I’d get about 3 or 4 results a month.

After Jan it started genuinely picking up and June has had 28.

I live in a small ish town so not the most competitive but the majority of members of male trades( plumber, electrician etc) are all 2nd page for their main keywords.

The majority of female trades( hair, make up etc) are 1st.

I’m ranking# 1 for every tattoo removal keyword in my town.

The service with “the worlds largest” leadings is mobile hairdresser( hairdressers who travel to people’s homes ),

But lip fillers and Botox are also somewhat regular and they cost more.

So if you wanted to set up a lead generation site based on service, I’d focus on lip fillers and Botox. With proper SEO and connection building in small ish towns you could build yourself a little side business.

I’m now venturing into targeted niches in counties. And the category pages are the towns in those counties.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

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