Hi everyone,

I have an issue with my site where our ranks fall the further away we get from our office address which is registered on google my business.

For example, we have 1 keyword “shoe producers uk” which ranks 1st across the entire country.

If you remove the “uk” so it’s only “shoe manufacturers” our rank drops-off as you get further away.

0-50 Miles – We rank 1st-3rd

50-75 Miles – We rank 5th-7th

75-100 Miles – We rank 8th-10th

100 Miles+ – We don’t rank at all , not even on page 2 , not on page 30, we’re simply not there in SERP at all.

We have taken a look at google my business and see we don’t have a “service area” set.

If we were to set this to “UK” – do you guys think we would rank for “shoe manufacturers” above 100 miles radius?

My thinking is that “shoe producers uk” is a more global keyword, so anyone searching that is looking for a shoe producer in the UK, which we are, so we rank. “shoe manufacturers” on it’s own though seems more like a “show me shoe manufacturers near me” type, more local keyword.

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