About a month ago, I created my first live website. It’s intended to be a resource for Computer Science students, such as myself. I’ve been watching a ton of Youtube videos about attaining blogs/ niche websites and I eventually came up with the idea for CompSciCentral.com.

My goal with the site, aside from creating an excellent resource, is to eventually pay off the loans associated with attaining my degree. Ideally, the website will eventually pay for more than only my education. I’d like for it is a matter of the first of many income-producing assets that I maintain. My plan for school has been to graduate and get a job as a software engineer. However, I also want to be an entrepreneur.

I’ve written the first 3 posts so far, but I have a plan to write all 10 posts before the fall semester starts in 6 weeks. The volume is the estimated search volume for the keyword in the post, according to Keywords Everywhere. This projection, then, is based on my posts ranking# 1 for the keyword, getting exactly 1 click per search, and Keywords Everywhere being EXACTLY correct( which they are not ).

Post Volume Running Total Pass Calculus in 5 Steps 50 50 What To Expect From Calculus 1> 10 60 Which Calculus Class is the Hardest?> 10 70 Calculus 2: Complete Overview 8,100 8,170 What is Calculus Used For? 2,400 10,570 Why is Calculus Important? 390 10,960 Is Calculus Hard? 1,900 12,860 Top 5 Hardest Calculus Problems 1,000 13,860 Derivative Rules: Everything You Need To Know 33,100 46,960 Trig Derivatives: Everything You Need To Know 33,100 80,060