Basically I’m fairly new to SEO so let me introduce myself .. I’m 24 and I’m fed up of working in dead-end jobs and I’m looking for a way out .. I begun trying to build an ecommerce store when I was led to SEO by a friend .. I start an SEO apprenticeship in December with a guaranteed job at the end of it if I pass( which I will ), the company offering the apprenticeship is a massive company with SEO, marketing and Web development squads etc so I know for gaining contacts and knowledge this is a perfect opportunity when trying to create my own business on the side but if my own business ventures fail is there enough fund in it to fulfill my own personal dreams?

So what I want to know is,

How did you get into SEO?

How long have you been in it?

Do you genuinely enjoy the work you do and the pay you receive?

Do you work for a company or freelance yourself to companies?

and finally, if you could could dedicate someone simply get into a career in SEO any advice or tips-off would you give them?

Thank you in advance, genuinely are seeking to make the right choice in my career just now so any responses are genuinely appreciated!

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