Hi all,

I am in Spain and have launched a search for someone to handle the SEO for a new recruitment business, promoting of/ guide our content and get us ranking. This is a low margin/ high volume recruitment sector so I would like to get as much organic traffic as possible.

I tried contacting local bureaux but received no reply, then ran national with a few calls in, all just wanted to sell me adword campaign setup and not work on organic. I felt they had done limited investigation( none knew the keywords I had submitted on the application form ).

We are a small company, with limited aims and looking to spend under a EUR 500 a month on this. We are not demanding no. 1 ranking, only want to ensure the strategy and implementation is best practice.

My questions are 😛 TAGEND

Do SEO companies( compared to online/ freelance consultants) not take over smaller companies.

Am I wrong in expecting companies to have a’ budget’ package. Basically I am looking for the light touch alternative , not 10 high value backlinks a month.

Do bureaux stay away from multilingual content? Our website is in English and KWs are English with the goal to rank well on google.es