I’ll start with some context. My niche is low competition, sites with a PA/ DA of 30/ 30 come up on the first page. My site( WordPress) is brand new and while it looks great it is very slow and the topic is not optimized for SEO. I am currently indicating up around page 8-10 for my keyword phrases. Site ran live 2-3 weeks ago, PA/ DA of 12/ 10.

I’m wondering what level of SEO I would need to get my site in the~ 30 DA range and what the first steps would be?

Right now the plan is to come up with a nice 3000 word cornerstone piece that is well written with the keyword phrases I’m looking to capture. I’m worried that using a bad topic will greatly limit how high I can climb. Should I port my site to a faster theme that gives you more granular control over your SEO, or would that fund be better spent on off-site SEO?

Edit: It appears that internal connection structure, content creation, and speed optimization are the first step. After that follow up with backlinks. What are some good ways to get backlinks?

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