Do not pay for SEO services or search engine submission. SEO services attempt to artificially inflate your page rank, which is ultimately harmful.”

^ Taken from a “framework”( used to create a potential lead’s site) support pages.

Lead now looking for SEO help and came to me, as shocker , site is not doing well …( and its so bad guys !)

I found that line cos I looked into the potential lead’s website code, which looked SUPER dodge !!!

Used Builtwith to check what it was, said it was Wix, but when I appeared deeper at the code it pointed to another site/ framework – followed it to that site and it’s a framework that looks like it’s copied Wix, but in a dodging route. There are multiple link references in client site that also points back to that site( to inflate their own G juice I imagine ..) anyway I don’t want to name& disgrace – but I feel so sorry for people who get deceived!

Just had to share that comment tho …!

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