Good day, dear community.

Recently, my boss decided to change the domain of our website. For months, we have been doing some intensive SEO work and progress has been achieved. I’m tracking everything with SEMRush and we are moving with the keywords we are interested in.

Now, I’m worried about this domain change. The change “wouldve been” carried out by our web dev and he said that in order to prevent loss, he will set up redirections from our present domain) to our new domain) and avoid 404 s. However, he also mentioned that several other adjustments were going to be necessary in order to minify the negative impact of the change but that he isn’t going to be responsible for doing such changes.

Therefore, we’re deep interested in knowing the following 😛 TAGEND The real impact of the domain change for good and for bad. The additional adjustments needed to prevent losses in SEO. The fate of the existent backlinks that point to our present domain( are we going to lose them ?).