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I admittedly donat know much about SEO, but have been doing my best to get the basics down for two small business I work for( doing design work , not seo or coding ). Iam struggling a bit though and would be highly appreciated and be very thankful for some guidance! TLDR near bottom.

The beginning of this year I started working on Client A, including local. They are a very small business in a fairly competitive field with a vague name. I managed to get their views and impressions up a bit. It went up from basically nothing to a couple hundred a few months. They were very happy to be getting calls from people who afound them on the interneta.

Two things I have been having a very hard time with in regards to Client A: 1. This small business has SO many varied services that itas been hard to get a lead with every single one. 2. Google map opinions plummeted.

First I noticed that all the areas of service were deleted on the Google Business page. Client A drives to peopleas property for their business and clients do not go to Aas office usually. I realise now( at the least, I think this is whya |) Google does not like businesses to have both an address and areas where services are provided to, and perhaps thatas why the areas of service got deleted. So I removed Aas address and listed every local area – zip codes and nearby towns and cities – that he will drive to. This is the correct way to list Aas business without their listing get banned by Google, right?

Aas Google Map positions have now fell 93%. The positions dropped before I realized the area of services got deleted, but even more after the edit. Do you think that this drop is permanent or is just because of the alteration just made? Did I edit it incorrectly?

Also, Google Business Insights have been showing an error about delays of information for a couple weeks nowa | could this be a result or cause of this?

I would like to continue to try to work on figuring out how to increase his reach for all his services, but Iam afraid to touch anything at the moment. Should I wait to see what happens before making any more edits to his site or listing? How long should I wait?

TLDR: Google Business views dropped on map after address/ areas of service edit, resulting in less leads. Is this permanent because I edited it wrong or temporary because of the edit? If so, how long should be used take to balance out again?

Thank you. Please be gentle, Iam still learning.

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