A friend of mine is in the midst of a horrific cyberattack where pictures of his underage children and himself, his niece with Downas syndrome, as well as his run colleague and their one month old baby have been posted on a WordPress website that says theyare pedophiles, drug cartel bosses, rapists, homophobic, ex cons, and more. They are devastated and the police canat genuinely do much aside from call the guy who did it. Theyare in a country where the Google aright to be forgottena doesnat apply. Objections have been lodged with WordPress, libel suits are pending and cybercrime government bodies are engaged. Theyare madly creating content for Medium and social media accounts( including fakes as one of them has only one unusual name) and recurring keywords to try to overcome the issue. They know the person who did it, heas a disgruntled ex customer who took issue with their company. Safety is paramount for them right now, theyare already installing cameras at their the house and reviewing security footage at their work. They have the cell/ email/ address of the guy as well. Any ideas on anything else they could do to help on an SEO front?

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