I started a blog back in 2009 focused on athletics and entertainment news. Its served me extremely well over the years and led to a bunch of opportunities but now Iad like to change the somewhat problematic name and switch content focus to what Iam currently doing now and in the future( entrepreneur tips and natural resources ).

I plainly donat want to lose ALL of the SEO value Iave built up in the site but from a technical standpoint, how can I switch gears without losing everything Iave built?

Here is my loose plan at the moment but I frankly have no idea if it will work: -content audit first to get rid of low value sports/ amusement posts -keep and spruce up the high SEO value+ evergreen sports and entertainment posts -build the new brand into the website from a appears perspective -use multisite WordPress to manage both sites but merely publish to the new site and interlink regularly.

Will this plan work? I donat want to lose my site Iave had for 10 years but itas time for a rebrand.

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