Hey guys,

I have always appreciated the usefulness of this sub lots of value here.

Cutting to the chase, I have started a blog that exclusively caters to Digital Marketing Niche. A little less than a month ago, I created an article titled, ” The Complete Social Media Marketing[ 2019 ] ” It has around 4000+ terms, containing latest practises& references.

But now that it’s live, I’m coming to realize that it’s a very broad& competitive topic& so I’m ranking #32 for “social media marketing guide”&# 2 for “social media marketing 2019 “

To get it there, I construct web 2.0 connections, Quora answering with anchor text hyperlinks.

Is there a missing part of the puzzle, is there anything else that I should do to get it over page # 1

OR is it impossible, the topic is ridiculously competitive.

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