I own a small niche website that I am just now beginning to post content on. For one of my articles I want to target a specific low volume long-tail keyword( Google KW planner: 100 -1k searches/ mo ). As part of my process I analysing the first page of Google and be considered whether I can compete with the results, for example: Is the page dominated by big authority websites or smaller players? Can I compete with their content?

Now, for one specific keyword phrase I am getting mixed results. There a few big players that wrote content on the subject, but they are overall not as “niched down” as my website. They target a larger niche, of which my niche is a smaller part. What I also find on the first page of Google are reaches for Quora and a few other forums, which to me is an indication I can rank on the first page for this keyword.

Still though, I am not sure this keyword is worth running after for. I do not like the idea of having to compete with big authority websites( their content is really good btw ). But on the other hand, the presence of forums on the first Google page for this keyword indicates I have a good shooting to rank, though probably not the very first result( which is ultimately the goal ).

What do you guys think in general? Should I only do trial and error or is this a no-go for you?

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