Hey guys,

So I have been watching over this sub along with doing some Goolgling over the last few weeks about SEO.

I had my new website which is B2B and wanted to actually get the website on Google and ranking. I did the on-site SEO, together with indexing, analytics, search console, social tags etc. then I got some backlinks to help with ranking as well. I maintained reading everywhere that you need articles and articles gets you ranked etc, I new that articles played a part but felt it wasnat as necessary as people stimulated it out to be.

Now two days ago I woke up and decided that I should devote writing a relevant article on my website a run, felt it couldnat hurt. It was a basic article and fairly short. Took about 30 min, I then upload it to my website, indicator it, sitemap and post it on Twitter.

Now comes today, I jump on to google console and randomly see organic impressions which I didnat have. Turns out it is coming from that article and seems to be ranking on the 5th page for two relevant keywords. I was frankly surprised and didnat expect that in just two days. So after run I have written 2 more articles that are a little better than the first one and see how that goes.

At the end of the day I have learned that articles do work well with Organic Ranking and also seems pretty important.

Sorry for the long post, but had to add the story.

Short Version: Had new site, didnat believe articles were important for ranking, wrote article and started ranking in two days , now decided to write two more.

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