I’ve been running an offer for about 6 years. Of the clicks I send to them, the monthly average conversion rate is 8 %. It’s never been lower than 6% and never been higher than 10%.

Last month it suddenly dropped to 1% and this month it’s on track to do about. 8 %. This isn’t just an “off month”, it’s an instant month-over-month plunge after 6 years of very consistent data.

Nothing has changed on my site at all. My traffic sources are the same as ever( mostly organic search ). My traffic is very slightly up, but it has always trended up and down somewhat. The offer creative is the same as it ever was( pretty direct and to the phase ).

This looks to me like something had to have changed on landing-page/ point-of-purchase side of things. Or on their affiliate tracking.

I’ve written the program manager and the response I get is “try changing your placements” and other useless drivel. I don’t seem to be able to get them to acknowledge or understand the abruptness or degree of this drop-off. The phase is, I have 6 years of very consistent data, and then it turned on a dime and abruptly stopped converting.

I’d rather not just drop the program, but of course that’s the last option.

Any guess on 😛 TAGEND

Other reasons this may have happened?

Chances that something underhanded is going on?

What my next steps should be?