1. So I’ve built a site with seven pages, one of which is a static home page. I want to optimise for “wedding dresses London”( and surrounding areas ). The homepage slug is only “home”. Should I leave the slug as it is?

  2. And, for other pages, would it make sense to optimise each page for differences of “wedding dresses London”? e.g.

  • “wedding dress London”
  • “wedding dresses Hammersmith”
  • “bridal gowns London”
  • “wedding dress Fulham”
  • “wedding dress Chiswick”
  • etc .?
    1. Two of the pages are just “terms and conditions” and “privacy policy”. Does it make sense NOT to optimise them for any of these words ?
    2. My apologies if this is a real beginnner’s post. Got to start somewhere! I did try to Google this but nothing seemed to clear up these issues but if I’ve missed a good tutorial let me know. Thanks

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