SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing your site to get more organic traffic.

Organic traffic is traffic that you donat pay as you get it from appearing on the top Google stances for queries related to your topic.

Now, the question is 😛 TAGEND

How can you implement SEO for your website?

SEO is made by 3 main components 😛 TAGEND

Technical SEO , which aims at stimulating your site crawlable and indexable without issues by the search engine bots.

On-Page SEO : it aims at constructing your content as relevant as possible at the eyes of the search engines.

In this route, when a user types a query relating thereto your topic, you have more chances to be picked as one of the top results and appear on the first page.

Off-Page SEO : it includes promotion SEO techniques like posting on social media and getting connects from other sites.

Itas important to steer away from Black Hat SEO techniques , as they will cause manual actions from Google and retrieving can be really hard.

The opposite of Black Hat SEO is White Hat SEO .

Itas pretty much about creating great quality content which is unique and then get links from niche-related websites because they find your content an important value for their users.

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