So the March core update was painful for us, lost 50% of our organic traffic and we’re in the window covering niche, site is built on Magento 2 and has been around for about 3 years but in March pre-update we ranked for about 9000 terms , now we rank for about 3500. The only thing we can set it down to is that, and so I’m working on increasing the E–AT to our site.

Does anyone have any tips-off or help for increasing ranking and improving E–AT?

To summarise our current efforts 😛 TAGEND

Weekly Vlog about niche relevant subjects, Video summing-ups of each blog post on the site, increased term count in our blogs including connect out to authority sites to back up our statements, site velocity improvements, connections back from regional newspaper sites and DIY/ niche relevant higher DA sites.

I’ve read the Google guidelines and are working through each page on the site promoting the quality, but if anyone is in a similar position/ has any advice that would be massively appreciated.

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