New company and website (. com) launched last October. It’s currently in P1 when you search for My Company Name. Not too worried about ranking for other terms just yet.

Unfortunately there is a company in India called precisely the same with a. website and a Facebook page. They deliver the same service as us but are not a challenger. Their website ranks in P3 beneath their Facebook page in P2. Our Facebook page doesn’t rank at all.

We have a regularly updated Facebook page of the same name which links to our site and vice versa( utilizing social icons in the footer of the site)

Currently we have only 95 likes but the page has some great reviews which I’d like potential customers to see if they’re researching our company.

The Indian company has 600+ likes, 40 reviews and patently their FB page is much older than ours.

Is there anything we can do to a) assist Google understand that the link between our site and our Facebook page to b) get Google to choose ours as the Facebook page to rank?


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