Many years ago, 2001, Google’s system encouraged having more than one website for a business. On a prior company I had three websites for the company. One I deactivated 6 years ago from Google, left it on Bing. It now redirects to main website.

One I left up since it ranked well and did not seem to conflict with main website. The second website which did not have a printed address on the website any where, out of the blue was listing on Google business as it’s name.( product form) it has for over three years or more without being confirmed. Showing as same address as old main website street address.

The question is how long after a website is redirected to a main website will it still remain in the search listing, and keep it’s Google business place?

Edit: It did not have a printed address on the website or in the domain records. It was on a. gif picture with alt tag “address” word only. That is all , not address listing, except on a painting. Someone would have to look at the website to see the address.

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