Hi r/ SEO,

On a website i’m operating i’m with WordPress( Newspaper topic ), i’ve saw I have loads of category pages indexed for each category with/ page/ 2,/ page/ 3/ ect.

The theme seems to use the correct HTML:

I am confused by the official Google guidelines, they seem to say this is fine. However, the pages seem to have the exact same title and description with simply “Page X” in the breadcrumbs.

Something is holding back my rankings on this particular site and I feel like this may be the issue, it’s the only potential issue which stands out to me.

Has anyone had any similar issues and if so what is the recommended fix? Even if I change the site structure how would I get Google to deindex these.

I believed the best way would be to remove the pagination but then how would the link juice be passed to all the old articles without loading all of them in one page.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am use a mix of infinite load+ load more from the situates in the topic panel. This still seems to bring up that HTML of/ page/ 2 though.

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