Hey everyone!

I’ve recently decided to take on a small Affiliate Site side project. I’m personally very interested in the niche I’m targeting and know that other members of my community knows where to find it very useful.

The website will do cost comparison and also rub other attributes from the web to assist visitors do in-depth comparings before buying. There is only one potential challenger in my space.

I have access to a large targeted online community and some experience in online marketing. I’m expecting to be able to use social media ads, email marketing, SEO and my community to drive traffic.

I’ve been doing a bunch of research on affiliate marketing and it seems like most thought leaders do not recommend becoming an affiliate for low ticket items. My items would range from $10 – $ 50 which attained me question my decision to build this site.

Is there something I’m not seeing that makes Low Ticket items a bad selection? Are there threads to low ticket items apart from not enough traffic?

Disclaimer: I don’t care about getting rich with this, I’d just like to be net positive with this project.

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