On-Page SEO has always been the key and the very first step in Search Engine Optimization. If you are wrong on this step, then forget about organic traffic.

Itas so crucial and yet it has always been referred with technical terms. Like Meta Tags, URL Structure, Permalink, Snippet, H1/ H2/ H3 Tags etc.

Today I tried to simplify everything technological about it, so that you can understand and implement the same on your own[ even if you are a non technological person like me ].

# 1. Use Short And Simple URLs[ They are SEO Friendly]

# 2. Start Title With Keyword[ Google Prefers That]

# 3. Add Qualifiers/ Modifiers/ Emotions in Your Title[ Increases CTR]

# 4. Make sure your Title is in H1 Tag[ For non-WordPress User]

# 5. Write Keywords in Subheading

# 6. Include Keywords in First 30 terms[ Snippet of Article]

# 7. Add Visuals[ To Impress Readers]

# 8. Use Mobile Friendly[ Responsive] Themes

# 9. Link to other high-quality related articles[ Not youras]

#10. Link Internally[ To Your Own Articles]

#11. Include associated[ keyword] terms in the article

#12. Add Your Keyword in Alt Text[ SEO Friendly Image]

#13. Provide Social Sharing Buttons[ For Readers]

#14. Write High-Quality Content[ Complete In Itself]

#15. Use transition terms[ To Hold Readers]

#16. Include CTA[ Call To Action]

#17. Provoke Readers To Comment[ In the Aim]

#18. Donat forget Search Intent[ Google Notices that]

#19. Size of Fontas and white space matter[ Makes easy to read]

#20. HTTPS[ SSL] is mandatory

#21. Use Adsense Plugin[ To Improve User Experience]

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