Hi there SEO’s of Reddit!

I have a question about multi language site( blog, WordPress+ PolyLang) that I have been posting on two languages.

I am sick and tired of constructing the content twice in two languages, so I’d like to say bye to my native language Finnish( 5% of my page-views are lang= fi) so I’d only produce content in English and optimize my site around that.

This would entail, all my menu, content etc would be in English, and the few articles I have translated, translated category/ tag pages would be gone so WP does not clutter the menus etc.

Cutting 50% of the run, 30% of pages and 5% of traffic would be worth it for me but I’m afraid there would be consequences for the more popular English side of the blog. Especially since I am Finnish and my URL is myname with. fi domain which I think Google might be treating as local to Finland.

Any thinks/ phases that I should take into account here before pulling the trigger?

My plan so far 😛 TAGEND Redirect the Finnish articles/ pages/ categories/ tag pages to English equivalents Let Google bake it for a while and do panic-fixes Start taking down the content Use 100% of my energy to make better content Gain?